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9 Hairstyles That Can Make You Look Cheap

Some say “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” which is true when we are talking about hairstyles. The hairdos you do for school, work or special occasions can either make you look unsophisticated or look more handsome and attractive. And we know that short messy hairstyles like bangs that are too short can make fine lines more visible and draw unwanted attention.

Read on to not let the wrong cut take away from your beauty and avoid these 9 hairstyles that make you look cheap and less attractive.

1. Braids

If you are a teenager or an adult, braids will probably make you look childish and immature. Hair braiding takes time to do, from grabbing a section to securing the braid, and the icing on the cake is the pain you feel when you have a short messy hairstyle with a thick hair that is hard to get into a nice shape and an incredibly sensitive scalp.

Still, if you are a fan of braids and look good in them, then try the regular French braid, the rope twist braid, the dual texture braid or the waterfall braid that is slightly similar to the French one. We particularly recommend protective hairstyles for long periods of time like Havana or Senegalese twists, both of which look like a small kind of rope twist braids.

2. A Ponytail with a Fabric Hair Tie

People with curly hair and most women often use hair scrunchies to keep their hair away from their faces while washing them, but others wear them outside instead of hair elastics, which is not the prettiest thing to look at that makes them look cheap. As our beloved protagonist from HBO’s franchise Sex and The City Carrie Bradshaw stated during a discussion with her boyfriend Jack Berger: “A scrunchie? …unless you are writing about women on the island of Manhattan in which case where do I begin…”. If you can see what she is hinting at, then it is clear how bad wearing a scrunchie can make you look, especially if it is a colorful hidden pocket hair scrunchie.

Instead, you can wear a simple hair tie that matches your hair color. If you have a low-slung or high ponytail, gather your hair to the rear and wrap it around the elastic and pin it using bobby pins.

3. Donut Bun

There are many ways to style a don’t bun, from tying your hair to create an updo to the Jennifer Lopez inspired sleek topknot. However, it is time to move on from this outdated vintage hairstyle. In fact, it can cause serious damage and breakage over time and makes you look cheap if you have long thick hair. Instead, try natural buns like the twice-twisted bun, the chic looped bun or the unpolished pretty pinned bun using an oversize pin.

4. Wearing a Claw Hair Clip


It is true that hair clips are an affordable and comfortable way that can help you style your hair in different ways, especially if you have long and thick hair. But, it is best to avoid using claw hair clips and look for more fashionable and trendy hair clips.

5. Curly Hair + Bangs

Even if curly bangs bring up imagery of your mom and aunties wedding photos, they are still somewhat trendy at prom, family gatherings and other special occasions. Regardless if you have a straight or curly hair, getting some curly bangs requires a strong commitment as you have to style them a lot more often than the rest of your hair. You may want to consider getting crochet hairstyles with curly hair as they look better and do not damage your hair as long as you avoid pulling it too tightly.

6. Wet Hair Look

While browsing online forums, there is no shortage of posts where both Men and Women are asking how to get the wet hair look. To style your hair with a wet-hair effect you can simply stop washing it and let scalp oil buildup do its thing, or apply synthetic products like Tres Flores pomade or hair grease. However, you better avoid the first option and pay attention when applying the gel to your hair as a lot can make it look bad. Moreover, this look is considered sloppy and unprofessional.

7. Slicked Back Ponytail

Stop limiting yourself to one kind of ponytail hairstyle and try more fashionable and stylish ones that can help you look more handsome and get you out of your style rut. The rule of thumb is to pick either high or low ones, as they are considered more attractive. Any other kind of ponytail will make you look weird and cheap.

For instance, if you have a sky-high hair you can opt for a triple ponytail which consists of two half-up ponytails and the down tie or the pearled ponytail with a jumbo strand of pearls running through it, depending on the color of your hair. It is advised to fluff your hair or curls to naturally add volume to your hair.

8. Invisible Hairpins

In general, any hair accessory that pulls your hair can end up damaging it over time if you are putting them in the wrong way. One of the most used hair accessories out of those are hairpins. They are essential for many hairstyles with the advantages of being lighter and easier to hide in your hair than bobby pins. Hair experts recommend buying pins with plastic ends that match your hair color, choosing the size that matches your hair thickness and using them in a way that does not damage it.

9. Hairstyles That Take Too Much Effort to Get

Some hairstyles like full body curls that require the use of too many hair styling products to last longer, give them a natural-looking shine, hold curls and benefit your hair in many other ways. However, overusing them has been shown to cause hair loss by causing damage to the hair follicles roots below your scalp. Moreover, people tend to not acknowledge the effort you put into styling your hair if it is too as they prefer more natural-looking hairstyles.

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