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This is Why You Must Spray Vinegar Around Your Windows

These tricks are so easy, and you can easily use them!

After a long night, the sun starts to shine and blesses you with its warmth. The icing on the cake is when you open your windows to let some fresh air in.
Clean oxygen removes pollution from the air, cleans your soul and helps you feel happier and calmer, but it doesn’t come without a price. Some bugs and insects innocently come into your screen doors and windows or slip through very thin cracks to get food.
But, with what we have today, you can forget about insects and bugs and celebrate your mornings in a bug-proof home.
Vinegar is a Wonder Product
Have you heard about the numerous benefits and uses of vinegar? It can be used for a ton of different purposes (some online articles count up to 150 everyday life uses) beyond bug proofing. These include skin care, cooking, household, pet care and more.
For instance, you can dilute white vinegar in water and use it to wipe the itchy ears of your dog or cat.
You aren’t satisfied with the chemicals you use to clean your dishwasher? Use vinegar as a cost-effective rinsing agent to get a sparkling clean dishwasher.
You can also use it to wash clothes as it can remove stains like underarm deodorants and ketchup, which is why it’s the perfect substitute for fabric softeners.
It can even help you lose weight and lower your body triglycerides levels.
Let’s go get this wonder product you were dreaming of!

Spraying White Vinegar Around Windows
White vinegar is strong enough to repel insects away from your windows and help you bug-proof your home.
To prevent indoor fly of mosquito infestations, dilute 150 ml of white vinegar in 150 ml of water and shake the mixture in a spray bottle. If you don’t have one, use a sufficient amount of the two substances and let the mixture soak into a clean rag. Then, sprinkle the inside and outside of your window’s frame.
If your windows are old consider replacing them, because it’s easy for bugs and insects to slip through them.

Repel Spiders

This remedy doesn’t only repel mosquitoes, but also deters spiders. Vinegar is rich in acids, most notably acetic acid, which burn and kill them.
Therefore, it’s recommended to dilute vinegar in water and spray it in dark areas such as corners and cupboards to ward away spiders.
It’s true that white vinegar has a strong smell, but it fades away as soon as the vinegar dries.

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